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Good Christmas News from Paekākāriki Housing Trust

Kia ora koutou,

Well! It's a year since we announced our initial kaupapa and intention to buy back the Kingi-Warena home, and received by reply overwhelming support from around the country. A year on then, its wonderful to share great news on several fronts.

Investors found for 148 Tilley

After putting out a prospectus in September we are delighted to confirm we have received 20 expressions of interest from people in being investors and more than sufficient to allow us to soon collectively purchase our first house - the Kingi-Warena home. We are now entering loan agreements with these investors so we can buy back the home in early 2018, from the couple who generously bought it on our behalf as an interim measure in early 2017. Our “social investors" will loan the Trust funds for the mortgage, their five-year loans earning interest comparable to similar savings plans. If you are interested in being involved in future purchases, or supporting the home ownership in other ways contact us. We also want to hear from you if you can be involved in our first working bee on 148 Tilley.

Trustees Appointed

Welcoming our first trustees! Appointed at our fundraising dinner and who recently gathered informally for the first time: Holly Jane Ewens, Halen Farrell, Levi Farrell, Mark Galbraith, Sophie Handford, Keith Johnston, Murray Julian and Tina Pope (pictured above). The trust will meet four times a year (these meetings will be open to the public and notified - the first, which you are welcome to attend is Monday 18 December 7pm, 22 Te Miti Street ) and two of these will involve community hui (the next in March-April). The trustees support the work of the working group, who continue. They include administrator Linda McLaughlan, comms manager Mark Amery, Justin Corbett, Kerren Hedlund, Jennifer Martin, and Mike Stringfellow. Mark Galbraith, Holly Jane Ewans and Tina Pope continue their work as part of the working group. Bios can be found on our site here.

What a Dinner!

Our first fundraising dinner led by Nicky Walker with a crew of dozens of cooks and helpers was a great success with a pretty much full house at Memorial Hall on the 3 November. We loved how this was a dinner wholly provided by our community, and held such a beautiful spirit. Thanks to so many for their support – we want to do it again. Also thanks to Rosy Tin Teacaddy, Robert Dussler and Zephyr Wills for the live music. We raised approximately $2000 (and received an additional donation of $3000). This will provide the trust with a needed operating capital to complete its day-to-day work and a reserve.

Trust Objectives

Following several community hui and online open discussion on Loomio (join here) the general objectives of the Trust were agreed to ahead of registration:

  1. To help ensure a strong, diverse and connected community and reduce financial hardship by assisting those people in need to access affordable and appropriate housing in Paekākāriki and;

  2. To recognise mana whenua Ngāti Haumia’s special connection to this land.

How these are now implemented is up to us as a community, with priorities and decisions to be made by the trustees. We continue to want to hear your ideas and practical suggestions on what our next work plans should be. Get in touch at or contact any of the community members above listed. To keep up to date with meeting minutes and engage in discussion online join our Loomio discussion platform by emailing here:

Meanwhile we ask all of you to send in your thoughts as to possible future projects that the Trust could start planning for in 2018 and beyond: What do you see as priorities that need to be addressed? What are your ideas for innovative solutions? The Trust depends on your suggestions to move forward.

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