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A good community is no accident


Homegrown housing solutions

Aotearoa is undeniably in the the grips of a housing crisis. Our village is by no means the most affected place in the country,  but we feel moved to take on the responsibility of engaging with the housing issues the members our community face.


We can't fix the market forces that are driving the crisis, but given our culture of connectedness and care, we feel we can respond with innovation and community led-solutions. It is our great hope that our housing models will shine a light for other communities. With each project we take on – we are learning to do community better, and we are becoming better Treaty Partners along the way.


A thriving, connected, caring community is no accident. It is our ambition that that the more we engage in these issues and stitch up the fabric of our community, the more resilient we will be to the shocks and bumps ahead. We invite all of Paekākāriki's residents to share a part of this journey, no matter how small. Because it is many small actions that together create something extraordinary. And we are here to become an extraordinary community of locals looking after locals. 


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