The challenge

The challenge

We are looking for innovative, practical, win-win solutions to housing difficulties in Paekākāriki.

High house prices mean that some of the valued contributors to our village—people who make this community special for everyone—are being forced to move away. Why do we love Paekākāriki? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.


The housing crisis has been big news in Aotearoa New Zealand for years now. We need to take action ourselves rather than wait for the problem to be remedied elsewhere. This is one of the reasons we're forming the Paekākāriki Housing Trust. Scroll down to check out our kaupapa below.  

The things we treasure about Paekākāriki are under threat. Many of our community enablers, young families, artists, writers and the elderly are struggling—with rent increases, lack of secure tenure, homes that don't fit their needs, high house prices—and are leaving.


We don't have to just accept this and watch as our neighbours move away. If you have something that you can contribute to tackling this issue—skills, services, labour or money—join our growing group and get involved.

There are specific challenges that we are motivated to remedy.

Paekākāriki Housing Trust

The Paekākāriki Housing Trust is a group of locals who are doing something about housing issues in our village. We are working together to find a range of solutions to the problems. 

We started work to form the Trust in late 2016 when we realised that the village was about to lose Raima Kingi and her whānau, who have lived here for many years and have contributed hugely to so many people's lives. We have now with the help of community investors purchased the property. Their landlords wanted to sell the house they rent and there were no other affordable rental options for them in town. Their situation epitomises some of the problems that we perceive. If we can reverse this situation then we will show what is possible, and keep building on that success.

Our trust objectives are:

  1. To help ensure a strong, diverse and connected community by assisting those people in need to access affordable and appropriate housing in Paekākāriki.

  2. To recognise mana whenua’s special connection to this land.


Some of the issues our community have identified through hui in 2017 include:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ― Margaret Mead

  • Keeping our diversity and the community we want to be.

  • Providing housing that is affordable and secure for families: your children able to be here for their schooling life. 

  • Ensuring our mana whenua can afford to stay in their village.

  • Ensuring that renters can live in the village affordably and with security of tenure.

  • Ensuring that cheap 1-2 bedroom housing is available that gives flexibility to people who need it.

  • Supporting our elderly people to stay in the village.

  • Making sure that stability can continue for people in the face of major life changes: parental separation, death and redundancy should not be compounded by having to leave the village because you can't afford to stay.

  • Finding ways to support renters to move into home ownership.

  • Finding ways to use the existing housing stock better, to meet the needs of the community.

  • Ensuring our community members are able to afford to contribute to the community.