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Homemade Housing solutions

Innovating together and finding solutions that work

​Our housing problems are complex and varied, and so too  will be the solutions. The Housing Trust has taken the approach of looking at a huge range of different models, working out how we might be able to provide a solution. Then we test, tweak and learn.  When we have got our success stories, we share them - to show how we brokered a solution and to encourage others. 

We've worked with Iwi to provide housing for local hapū

We've rallied our community, investing in community housing together. 

The Trust operates as a social business - housing families with both income related and market rents, generating a modest income through managing the properties. We are able to apply this profit to maintain and grow the Trust's activities. 

We encouraged homeowners to switch their properties from Holiday accommodation to long term rentals for residents

We are gathering information and research to understand the nature of the problems faced in our community. 

We've stood up to secure more community housing in the upcoming Wainui whenua project

The Trust partnered with the Sustainability Trust to provide substantially subsidised insulation and heating retrofits.

We are working to increase the local housing supply through helping make the planning and construction process easier for people to build secondary dwellings. 

Do you have a solution that you think might work in the village? Do you have a rental that you'd like us to manage? We'd love to hear from you


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