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Secondary or "Accessory" Dwellings

Adding an accessory dwelling to your property

Accessory dwelling can be an easy way to add additional accommodation and investment income to your property in Paekakariki.

We are working to increase the local housing supply through helping make the planning and construction process easier for people to build secondary dwellings.  We are working with locals, the council, local architects and building professionals to develop a resource kit tailored for   for locals. 

Go to Kapiti District Council’s Eplan service

Read and OK the Terms and Conditions

Search for your address...

This value here will be the size of your section in m2. We will need this value later. In this case it is 702m2

Clicking on this will show you chapters of the District Plan which are specific to your property.

Your address and title details should be in the top left corner

 Your section will be highlighted 

In Paekakariki there are two different residential zones which have different rules and standards applied to them. Note which one your property is in. Residential or Beach Residential.



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