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Our community needs us. Together we can raise money, innovate, leverage our skills and resources to solve some of these problems. 

What can you do? 

Invest with us

Perhaps you've got some money in a term deposit. Read this example to show how you can safely put your money with us, help us keep families in need in the village, and generate a better return than is offered by any bank. 


Property Management

Have you got a property in the village - we can manage it for you. Unlike other property management companies - the profit goes back into supporting the Housing Trust do our good work. We are local, and can respond to problems immediately.

"It's been a good experience - I've been a tenant before and I've had other property managers, and what I like about PHT is that its not heavy handed; either with the tenants or with me. I would recommend the Housing Trusts property management service to others." - J Hepari

Check out more testimonials.


Donate to us

Any donation will be put to good use. Whether it be to helping cover the ongoing maintenance costs of our properties, or enabling more staff time to apply for funding, we welcome your financial support.  

Volunteer your time 

Do you have some time to invest in helping to solve our housing crisis? 

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