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Property management is our for-good business.
We are locals, taking care of locals, generating profit to solve our housing issues, working to keep our community vibrant and diverse.

Property Management

Locals, looking after locals. 

The Housing Trust strive to be the very best property managers on the Kāpiti coast. We not only carefully manage and maintain the assets of the landlord, we care deeply about the wellbeing of our tenants.


Profits are reinvested into solving the housing challenges of the community.  It’s one more reason to switch property management companies. 


In our portfolio, The Trust and the Community own one of the homes, Ngāti Toa own the other and the rest we manage on behalf of property owners. 


We have responsive, dedicated local service team within the village. Where possible, we buy in professional services (electrical, handy work, gardening) from around the village to ensure that we are contributing to the local economy. 

Most of our landlords have agreed to keep the rents below market rates. However we choose not to miss the opportunity to manage houses even where the rents were higher, because we know the risk to the community is that these may be turned into AirBNB dwellings and no longer available for long tenure housing. 

If you have a rental or AirBNB dwelling in Paekākāriki that you would like us to manage, then let's talk.  Or, if you would like us to have a friendly chat to your landlord, please contact us.

What our landlords say about us:

"Why have I chosen to work with PHT? Because I believe in their Kaupapa.  They aren't heavy handed like some managers and strike a good balance between what I and the people living in the homes need.  I'd happily recommend them if you own a rental or looking for a place to rent. Nga mihi' J Hepari


The local Potty Potters group gift their excess seedlings to the Trust to share with our tenants. 

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