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Making it easier to build a secondary "accessory" dwelling in Paekākāriki, by creating a kete of resources

Starting out and understanding the process.

We have interviewed local Architects, Builders and property owners who have been through the process of secondary dwelling construction and have mapped out the process on a single page.


There are some decisions you'll make along the way, and we show the regulatory and cost impacts of each. This is a working draft - as more information comes to light we will update and include it. One of the things we are looking at is different models for funding and financing.

Here is the process in a nutshell, depending on whether you opt for a smaller than 30m square dwelling, larger than, engage an architect vs manage the process yourself. 

Understanding the  rules

Go to Kapiti District Council’s Eplan service

If you need more support understanding the terms - check out this page we've created. 

Other people's experiences

We have interviewed some people from the village who have shared their experiences -  good and bad - to help you avoid the pitfalls in the process. Check out the stories of local secondary dwelling builds. 

Doing it sustainably

We are working hard to take the guess work out of which materials to build, and make sense of the best-case approaches to waste, water, energy and materials. In the mean time, check out Level website - the best local resource on sustainable building. Level will help you design and build homes which have less impact on the environment and are healthier, more comfortable, and have lower running costs.


Do you have templates from your building project to share with others? We are gathering a suite of templates to help you with everything from choosing plans and materials to managing budgets and contracts. These will be available on the website in 2022. Sign up to our newsletter to receive updates.

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