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Locals sharing their stories of building a secondary dwelling.

Steve - Ames Street  
In 2018, Steve added a container to his garage and converted it into a sleepout with plumbing and a kitchenette. The entire build cost $75k (Steve is a builder by trade).  $35k of this process was an unanticipated upgrade to the septic system.  ​Listen to the interview for more detail: 

Selina - Wellington Rd   
In mid 2021, Selena purchased online a Trade Tested Nordic Log Cabin Studio for $12000. Her partner Ed and a handyman friend erected it over 3 days, and went on to build a deck around it. She then painted it and uses it for her business, but she recognises that in the future it may be useful as her teenagers grow up and their need for space and independence increases. 

The accessory building is 3.9M X 3.0M, with a floor plan of less than 30m2, it doesn't have to be consented. ​Listen to the interview for more: 

Kristen and Anja Foley - Te Miti Street


Kristen and Anja Foley share their recent valuable experience building a 54m2 additional dwelling on the back of their 851 m2 property. 

Steve’s secondary dwelling story
Selinas secondary dwelling
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