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Secondary Housing Hui - Sunday 14 November 2021

Secondary housing has the potential to be a bit of a ‘quick win’ to respond to the shortage of housing in a village that currently has no new supply of land for housing. The build-time can be much quicker than a house build, which means we can more quickly start to make a dent on our housing-supply issue.

Many locals own properties that could support a secondary dwelling.

These dwellings could be attractive to a segment of our community - people who are living alone, couples or some of the single parent families that swell and shrink throughout the week. They have the advantage of paying for themselves through rental income, which in turn increases the value of the property.

So we are developing a resource kete for people who are building, have built or are interested in building a secondary dwelling on their property.

We also welcome people who have worked locally as builders, architects, surveyors - to help uncover some practical solutions.

Ultimately, our resource kete will help people to navigate consenting issues, will include a range of plans for single and two bedroom options, showcase options and costs for utilities like power and constraints around septic tanks. It will also provide ideas and options for how to make these dwellings more sustainable.

We invite you to come along - pitch in and help us create a resource that can get us a step closer to solving the housing supply problems in Paekākāriki.

DETAILS: Sunday 14th November @ Holly's 24 Te Miti Street. Kids welcome. BYO Refreshments.

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