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Our community talks: Kelsey

Barely a day goes by when don't learn about a family being forced to relocate from Paekākāriki due to the rising cost of accommodation. This always strengthens our commitment to those people to do our best to push against that tide, and make an impact any way we can.

Recently, the talented crew at Wai Ata captured some intimate stories for the purpose of deepening our shared understanding about the impacts the housing crisis is having on our village and its residents. We will share these with you over the coming few weeks.

Meet Kelsey Lee.

"Home is the community - the people who we are are around . That's what I love about Paekākāriki - such an awesome diverse community."

"As a young person - the housing situation seems incredibly out of reach, ...and it is getting further and further away. Society seems split between those who have and those who don't. It feels impossible to get into that other half".

" As a renter there is no security."

"Being able to have a warm dry home should be something every New Zealander should have."

"I think about my grandparents who will still be paying off their mortgage in their retirement. .. The retirement pension level is set at a rate that assumes you own your own house... we know they are going to be stuck with massive costs in their retirement. "

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