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Kia ora koutou, Following the Paekakariki Housing Trust group's awesome community hui at St Peter's Hall in February we held the first of what will be monthly open meetings last week. Thanks to Kerryn and Justin for hosting. Soon all those who've expressed an interest through our summer survey or via email ( in investing in the Kingi-Warena house (our first purchase) should get an email re an upcoming meeting to discuss the model to be involved in.

A key development at the February hui was identifying a set of different work streams, so that community members could lend their particular skills sets to different areas. These may continue to grow but for now we have confirmed them as follows. If you're interested in checking out any of these we'd love your involvement - simply pop us an email and Linda McLaughlin will direct you to the right place. We anticipate each being a little worker cell! Here's the lowdown .

1. Communications - contact Mark Amery

Loomio, website, Facebook, email, leaflet drops & non-digital comms, radio, wider media – how we make decisions, communicating, privacy.

2. Financial Model Immediate – buying back 148 Tilley Road - contact Mark Galbraith

Working out the structure of buying property in short term

  • Working out timeline, confirming model and contracting interested investors

3. Financial Models Future – increasing Paekakariki Housing Stock - contact Jennifer Martin and Mike Stringfellow

  • Long term projects - researching and exploring different options

  • Working with other housing groups

  • Finding theoretical models that will fit Paekakariki

4. Operations - improving current housing and property management - contact Tina Pope and Daniel McClennen

  • Adding value to existing housing stock (148 Tilley)– renovations/improvements

  • Organising working bees.

  • Making home compliant for renting – insulation, in date smoke detectors

  • Healthy Housing – Warrant of Fitness. Research and implementation.

  • Rent & tenancy relationship and agreement.

5. Data management - contact Paul Hughes.

  • Unpacking summer survey

  • Baseline - report on what housing stock is in Paekakariki, according to agreed parameters, and other housing indicators researched.

6. Trust formation - contact Grant Nicholls and Tina Pope

  • Form trust

  • Identify trustees and process and propose.

7. Advocacy - no contact allotted currently

  • For example, KCDC. And currently NZTA are selling properties

8. Administration - contact Linda McLaughlin

  • Organising monthly meetings

  • Establishing timeline

  • Chasing subgroups

  • Managing expressions of interest

  • Managing emails

To contact any of these people please use personal contacts or email here.

The workstreams will report back to the monthly meetings and through online consensus decisionmaking platform Loomio - which you're welcome to get involved in - see here.

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