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Our community talks: Kaia and Dan


"Making my home my body and our whānau is the the easiest way to have "home".

"I've been a renter all my life. I don't get to stay in one place normally for more than two years - so home isn't a steady place.

"We pay $650 a week. I can't actually work harder... The houses in places where we would like to live - sheds go for over a million.

"It's really tough. No-one wants a family of 5. There are 30 plus people plus going for the same home.

You see people in worse situations than you. Now people are living in cars and it's more normal.

"The government could do more about housing for people like us - co-housing and papakainga, smaller spaces...


" Home for me is where my family are"

"How are you able to save for a mortgage when you are paying someone else's mortgage?"

"All we can manage to do is put food on the table. And we are both working..."

"Solutions for the housing crisis for me would be living together in community, living with other people, sharing the spaces you only use once with others. That would be the joy of living in a community - living with friends that are there all the time.

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