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Housing Survey - how bad is it?

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

We want to understand the fullest extent of the housing problems our community is facing - and this is our chance to get our voices heard. The trust will use the data gathered to inform our needs assessment, so we won't have to run our own survey. We were invited to input into the questions to reflect our concerns and perspectives.

We need 100 people at least to contribute their experiences to get a valid sample, so please share with people who you know have had problems finding a home in Paekakariki even if they now reside outside the village.

It’s important to us to have the evidence to lobby those in power, seek funding and develop our strategy and make decisions.

We are also conducting in-person interviews with those that have issues with housing in Paekākāriki and particularly want to speak to tangata whenua, elderly residents, people who have left, people that have kids at the school and the homeless. You can email us directly.

The survey
  • Takes 5-15 minutes to complete.

  • It can be completed online at

  • Paper surveys are also available at libraries and Council service centres (return information included on the survey)

  • Survey closes 5pm 10 December 2021

You can also download and print the survey:

J1751 KCDC Tell us your story_printable survey_FA_WEB
Download PDF • 574KB

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